What is an aggregator?

1001RSS is a flow aggregator. It gathers RSS, Youtube and podcast content on a single site.

The feeds are arranged by categories and the articles are displayed in chronological order.

By creating an account on 1001RSS you will be able to personalize the display of your content

How to customize the 1001RSS aggregator?

First of all you need to have a 1001RSS account and then go to “ My account > My filters“.

In this part you have all the feeds that have been accepted in the 1001RSS directory.

How do I remove a feed from my player?

To remove a feed just uncheck the checkbox in front of the feed title. When the feed is no longer selected articles will no longer be displayed in the category (when you are logged into your account).

How do I add a feed to my player?

To add an RSS feed, you click on the link “propose a feed".

You are redirected to the form that allows you to reference an RSS feed, a Youtube channel or a podcast.

The feed will be displayed in your RSS reader after validation by our teams.