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Those playing the latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox and PC have realized that they can’t disable crossplay with other platforms. However, PlayStation players do have this option. PC lacks the function entirely, while the only way for Xbox players to disable crossplay right now is to do so on the console itself. While this guarantees that you’ll only be playing with other Xbox players, it will apply to all games, not just Modern Warfare 2.

Warner Bros. Montreal has laid out issues it’s looking to address in future Gotham Knights patches, including performance issues for players on PC and console. In a thread on the game’s official Twitter, the team said it wanted to outline some changes it expects to put into the live game, as well as give a general timeline for incoming patches. Those playing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S can expect a patch by "the end of the week," that will address "needed fixes" that have come to light since Gotham Knights’ launch last week.

EA has provided a statement to IGN denying reports that it will stop selling physical games in some parts of Europe, meaning business will continue as normal. "We have not stopped physical distribution of our games in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and players will continue to be able to buy our games from retailers across the region," an EA spokesperson said. "Recent reports stating otherwise are an inaccurate reflection of disclosures made in EA Germany’s statutory financial statements."

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