After downing No. 20 Cincinnati on Saturday night, two UCF players found quite a way to celebrate.

The Knights got a close 25-21 over the Bearcats, snapping Cincy’s 19-game conference win streak.

It was quite a win for UCF, which entered Saturday’s game near the top of the American Athletic Conference, along with Cincinnati and Tulane.

With just two seconds to go before cementing the UCF win, senior tight end Kemore Gamble and freshman kicker Colton Boomer decided to happily skip hand-in-hand off the field.

It’s quite a way to ring in an impressive 6-2 record on the season — and one that should keep the Knights firmly in the race for an AAC title.

Look how happy they are! How can you not want to skip down the hallway to the fridge to grab another soda for the night games after watching that?

Always remember, folks: Real men skip.


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