The genesis of RSS feeds

1001RSS is the story of 2 brothers passionate about the Internet who plunged very early into the web even before the Internet bubble burst in the 2000s.

Romain during his studies from 2002-2004 (in alternation at NIKE France) at the IBGS has to hand in a project at the end of the year. He has the idea to make an aggregator of RSS feeds.
After graduation, he calls on his brother, who already works in a start-up company and who owns a few personal websites, to transform this school project into a real website.

The first version of 1001RSS was released in 2004. It is a very avant-garde site from the start since there is no other online aggregator at its launch.

Discover the saga of the different versions of 1001RSS from 2004 until today.

grégory et romain villaumé
Ref party (evening for SEO professionals)
Grégory and Romain Villaumé at the Ref party on the 15th of November 2005.

The first version of 1001RSS in 2004

The very first version is hosted under the domain name
We are in June 2004 and it is a project of end of study to validate the roman diploma.
Google reader, wikio, netvibes, Feedly, theoldreader, newsblur, Feedreader and even do not exist. It’s quite simple: we take a UFO out of the web, very innovative for the time.

The site is presented as a directory and RSS feed reader. The feeds are arranged by categories and when we go into the detail of a site we can read the content of this site by a parsing system.

On April 28, 2005, in front of the traffic which does not cease progressing we take a true domain name which will be as well as a true hosting in mutualized exclusively for this site.

1001RSS will have a role of evangelizer and popularizer of the RSS feeds and those even with the webmasters who at the beginning didn’t even know what we were talking about and how it worked.

We are quickly solicited at SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals’ parties such as Ref party, and others.

The online aggregator system is therefore a world first and is a 100% French invention hosted in France at OVH. A real French tech product it seems now.

The second version in 2009

In front of the growing success a second version is created and launched on June 3, 2009.

In a new opus new innovative tools make their appearances like my1001RSS which allowed to create a page for connected members that gathers all the RSS feeds they have chosen to follow.
We also propose tools for webmasters such as feed widgets that they can install on their own sites.

An RSS feed generator is proposed in order to create your own RSS feed.

This new version is a great success as we reach the 7500 validated RSS feeds and the 20,000 visitors per day on the sites and widgets. We are obliged to switch to a dedicated server to support the traffic and parsing of so many feeds. Indeed this amount of feeds generates no less than 1.2 GB of data per day.

1001RSS is always free and pays this server with the ads installed on the site. The traffic grows every day until Google decides to launch Google news and therefore to afford the traffic decides to sanction the RSS aggregators in its SERP. This is a very common practice at Google, when it wants to launch a service it makes sure to kill the competition thanks to its dominant position in search engines.

But this is not what stops 1001RSS. It’s rather because of lack of time because at that time our personal life doesn’t allow us to maintain such a site next to our work in web agency.

To our pleasant surprise 1001RSS is quoted:

In short, the 1001RSS site is successful, even too successful for 2 volunteers who do this outside of their agency hours.

2020 no the RSS feed is not dead!

Launched on June 8, 2020, 15 years after the first launch. New version and therefore new logo but also new orientation. The 2 first versions were rather webmaster oriented. The RSS feed was “a geek thing", a directory to make known his site. In the meantime many sites have been released around RSS feeds and it is even integrated into email systems like Outlook.

1001RSS wants to be the Pinterest of content. The My1001rss feature has been adapted to become “your favorites" which allows you to pin your articles to keep them in your connected space.
Social networks have made their appearance in the meantime. 1001RSS will help you in your monitoring of content and information but also in the curation (sharing) of it on your social networks.

The “REQUEST THE JOURNAL" feature will send you the news of the day every morning in your mailbox. In short, it is the tool that has become essential to gather in one place all the news of the moment.

And to make sure you don’t miss any news, the “PUSH" feature allows you to subscribe and receive a notification for each new news item.

The “My Filters" feature is also in line with our old My1001RSS tool. Once connected you can select the feeds or Youtube channel you want to follow and the content of the articles present in 1001RSS will be filtered according to your choices.

Youtube has also been created since then. That’s why 1001RSS integrates not only RSS feeds but also Youtube channels which will eventually replace the old DTT channels.

In short, this new version is largely based on our vision which dates back 15 years but adapted to today’s web.

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