Lindsay Arnold shared some relatable mom content on her Instagram Stories and a couple of fans let her know that they don’t have any sympathy for her.

“When I sat this room haunts me… hahahaha,” the “Dancing With the Stars” pro captioned a video of herself walking into her laundry room. The room was filled with clothes in laundry baskets, bins, and on the floor. Arnold said that she wasn’t even sure what was clean and what was dirty.

A short while later, Arnold shared a couple of DMs that she received from followers who criticized her for complaining about her housework while she’s on social media.

Here’s what you need to know:

Arnold Was Criticized for Sharing Her Laundry Conundrum

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Arnold didn’t share any kind of update nor did she say whether or not she was planning on getting through the piles of clothes in her laundry room, but a couple of people felt the need to respond to Arnold’s post.

“Stay off social media and get your house work done,” one fan wrote. The ballroom pro didn’t seem too bothered by the comment, as evidenced by her reaction.

“Hahahahaha some good advice from a DM,” Arnold wrote.

She went on to share another comment that she received from someone who watched her Instagram Stories.

“You must have the most patient husband. Whats [sic] your secret? You post pictures of your worst nightmare (your words)of laundry always stacked up but yet your [sic] always on IG. My husband of 47 years is the absolute best! #1 I would never let this get this out of hand do well enough post it. #2 My husband wouldn’t appreciate the laundry looking like this at all. I wouldn’t personally blame him,” the comment read.

“Omg lol the laundry DMs continue,” Arnold wrote, adding three crying with laughter emoji. I didn’t realize this would be such a trigger for some of you,” she said, adding two more emoji.

Arnold Isn’t Shy About Responding to People

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Being in the public eye, Arnold knows that she’s going to receive a great deal of criticism and that she won’t always please everyone. Over the past few years, Arnold has been great at letting things just sort of roll off her back — but there are some times when she decides to respond to people or to rumors in an effort to set the record straight.

This was the case in June 2022 when some fans thought that she looked pregnant. At the time, Arnold had shared a photo of herself in a two-piece swimsuit while out at a lake with her family. She shared the person’s question on her Instagram Stories.

“You look pregnant in that bikini Lindsay. Are you expecting and not telling anyone yet?” someone had asked.

“That’s always a fun thing to hear,” she wrote in response, adding to crying with laughter emoji. “LOL the confidence people get on social media.. like would you ever say this to someone in real life?! Also.. do you think I’m just gonna give you, some random stranger, the inside scoop on me being pregnant first??? HAHAHA funny stuff and had to share,” she added.

While Arnold seemed to have a good response and kept things positive, she recently revealed that she’s been facing some challenges when it comes to getting pregnant again.

On August 12, 2022, Arnold shared a TikTok in which she revealed that her “trying to conceive” journey hasn’t been easy. She explained that she received a “false positive” pregnancy test and filmed herself crying.

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