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1001RSS will change your experience as an information consumer. It is no longer you who go looking for information but the information that comes to you.

What is a content aggregator?
An aggregator is a site or software that brings together information from different sources in one place. The aggregator, through the syndication of feeds from different sources, allows you to have a view of all this content in a single entity.

Why create my 1001RSS account

By creating your account, you will turn 1001RSS into a true online content aggregator. Once logged in you can remove or add RSS feeds, Youtube channels and podcast feeds as you wish.

This way, the content that will be displayed on your account will be totally personalised to your tastes and your information watch.

The service is completely free, unlike all other existing solutions.

Curation in networks

What is content curation?
Content curation is the act of sharing information on social networks.

Whether you are a known influencer or just a simple internet user, content cleansing is nowadays the basis of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

1001RSS helps you in sharing articles via practical tools.

  • No more copying and pasting on each network.
  • No need to spend hours searching for information to share.

The information comes to you and in 1 click it’s shared!

Bookmark an article

With a 1001RSS account you can keep one or more articles as favorites and come back to read or share them later.

It is also an ideal tool for web editors who want to aggregate sources of inspiration on a topic.
Your search is made easier and your sources are kept by bookmarking them.

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