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Prosecutors called Lt Johnny Mercil, a use-of-force instructor for the Minneapolis Police Department, to the stand to testify that Mr Chauvin had not used an authorised form of restraint.

Lt Mercil told prosecutors police are taught to "stay away from the neck when possible" and to put them in the recovery position as soon as feasible "because when you restrict their ability to move it can restrict their ability to breathe".

Lt Mercil said he has trained hundreds of officers how to use a neck restraint, which is defined as constricting the sides of a person’s neck.

Lt Mercil told the defence that based on his experience, it takes "under ten seconds" for a person to become unconscious during a neck restraint.

Mr Nelson’s line of questioning laid the groundwork for him to argue that Mr Chauvin’s actions were reasonable and did not cause Mr Floyd to fall unconscious.

However, Lt Mercil also agreed with the defence’s argument that there are scenarios in which it is appropriate to hold someone in a prone position until the scene is safe.

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