A monitoring tool

An Internet monitoring tool allows you to follow your news without having to connect to all the sources.
The information is grouped together on a single website.

Create a free account to have a real online content aggregator which will help you in your daily vigil.

The favorites function

Once you have logged into your account, you have the possibility to keep items as “Favourites".
This function is specially adapted to accumulate sources on a subject or simply read them later.

Content Curation

On each article you have the possibility to share on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp) the article you are viewing.
You also have the possibility to send an email of the article.

Adding or removing feeds

Once connected to your account you have the possibility to remove or add RSS feeds you adapt the content according to your desires and tastes.

Receive the newspaper

Every morning with the function “REQUEST THE JOURNAL", you will receive the news of each category you select in your mailbox.