A tool for your SEO

Having a fresh and useful news for your visitors is a factor of improvement of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means in French: " Optimisation pour les moteurs de recherche “.

1001RSS is the ideal tool to have a content always up to date with the latest news on the net.

You will discover how to use the power of RSS feeds for your own website.

Why have a news feed on my site?

There are 2 main reasons to set up a news feed on your site.

1/ Your visitors

The display of relevant news on your site brings a new service to your users.

2/ Search engines

Google, among other things, loves to see regularly refreshed content on a website. Putting a news item in relation with the theme of your site will bring you a better referencing on the “long tail".

Using the 1001RSS widget

The 1001RSS widget works on all websites.
Free and convenient to install by a copy/paste of the code in your page.
The 1001RSS widget tool will allow you to display the latest news on your site without installing anything and without having to code.

You can choose :

The category
Search keywords
To display the date or not
To display the description or not.

Manual news installation

1001RSS is an online content aggregator. It gathers RSS feeds from different sources (sites, Youtube channels and podcasts) that are entered in our feed directory.

Each result of a search on 1001RSS also generates an RSS feed. So you get an RSS feed that gathers several feeds from different sources on the web (an RSS feed aggregator ).

How do I get the RSS feed of a search?

1/ Install an RSS feed extension on your browser
Firefox or Chrome browsers no longer display RSS feeds. You now need to install an extension to your browser in order to regain this functionality that was once native. There are a multitude of addons, but to avoid searching, we propose you :

On Firefox : Livemarks

On Chrome : Get RSS Feed URL

2/ Generate the RSS feed of a search
All you have to do now is to search on the subject that interests you by clicking on the magnifying glass in the menu at the top right.

For the demonstration we will take the result of the search from “coronavirus“.

The generated RSS feed is therefore this one : https://en.1001rss.com/search/coronavirus/feed/rss2/

All you have to do now is to post this feed on your site.

3/ Generate the RSS Feed of a category

go directly to the 1001RSS category you are interested in and you will get the RSS feed that corresponds to this category.

For example the RSS feed of the newspaper ‘s category  is : https://en.1001rss.com/news/newspapers/feed/

Install an RSS feed parser on your site

If you are on a CMS (content management system) which means “content management system" such as WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop or other. Then there are plugins (modules) to read RSS feeds.

2/ On Worpdress
You have the choice according to your expectations (put the news in the slidebar or on a page). We can advise you these plugins:

3/ On Drupal
the module to be installed is :

4/ On prestashop
On Prestashop the modules are not free of charge. We advise you to use our new’s widget which is free.

however it is possible to install these modules for 49.99€ but we have not tested them:

5/ In javascript

For those who code, FeedEk is a javascript RSS feed parser that will allow you to display the feeds on your site without consuming server resources.

Example of the news widget



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