What type of feeds can be referenced?

You can reference :

  • RSS feeds for your website
  • Youtube channels
  • RSS feeds for podcasts

Referencing a feed is free and all you need is a validated account.

How to reference a feed?

Once you have created your account on 1001RSS, you access the form to reference a feed.

1/ In the dropdown menu “Type of flow" you have the choice between

  • An RSS feed
    A Youtube channel

Please note that podcasts are to be entered as RSS feeds.

2/ In the field “URL" you put the URL of your website or  https://www.youtube.com if it’s a Youtube channel.

3/ In the field “URL of the feed" you put the URL of the RSS feed or Youtube channel.

4/ In “Choice of category" you select the category that best corresponds to the feed you want to reference.

5/ Click on the button “Send your feed".

The flow is put on hold for validation and will be quickly checked by our teams.