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gestionnaire de flux pour personnaliser l'Agrégateur en ligne

Online aggregator 100% free!

1001RSS is a content aggregator for your watch or simply for monitoring daily news.

Such as Netvibes, Old reader, Newsblur, Inoreader, Hootsuite, Omea reader, Feedreader, Flipboard, Digg or Feedly, 1001RSS is an online aggregator 100% English and 100% free.

1001RSS reads RSS feeds, Youtube and podcasts to gather them in a single site.

Once connected, you can add and filter the feeds as you wish.

By customising the feeds via the filters you will experience a new, innovative and high-performance monitoring experience.

1001RSS in 3 sentences is :

  • The possibility to keep the articles in "Your favourites". 

  • The personalisation of the feeds displayed in "Your filters". 

  • Receive the newspaper every morning in your mailbox with "Ask for the newspaper".