Video of Steve Nash’s first ejection as a head coach.

Steve Nash has never been one to lose his temper. Nash played with a cool demeanor throughout his Hall of Fame playing days with the Mavericks and Suns on the way to two MVP awards. He’s mostly kept it chill on the sidelines since becoming the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets in 2020 — despite being placed in the middle of an objective chaotic situation since being hired.

Nash was only ejected twice as a player throughout an 18-year career. On Wednesday night against the Milwaukee Bucks, Nash got his first ejection as a head coach. With the Nets holding a slight lead in the third quarter, Nash starting barking at the officials asking why they didn’t call a foul on Giannis Antetokounmpo as he plowed through Patty Mills. When Durant and Bobby Portis then got tangled up, Nash exploded and was hit with an ejection. Watch the video here:

Nash was in complete disbelief that he was actually ejected. It’s wild to see one of the calmest and coolest figures over the two decades of basketball lose his mind like that.

Nash’s ejection feels destined to spark a thousand memes. Here are a couple:

The Bucks won, 110-99. The Nets fall to 1-3 with the loss. Given that Durant asked for Nash to be fired coming into the season, maybe it’s hard to blame Nash for seemingly going through it right now. The Nets are a rough watch, and no one with this much superstar talent on the roster has ever had as tough of a coaching job as Nash does this year.

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