Godzilla has been wrecking cities and saving humanity (depending on how he feels) since 1954.

In the realm of movie monsters, there’s no one bigger–literally–and with the upcoming release of Godzilla vs. Kong, it’s the perfect time to look back at some of the biggest and best films the monster also known as Gojira has to offer. So IGN’s Godzilla super-fans put our heads together and came up with our definitive ranking of the 10 best Godzilla movies, from the 1954 original to some of the most recent entries in the canon, from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah to Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah to Godzilla vs. Mothra and beyond.

Whether you’re a Godzilla die-hard with a ranking of your own, a newbie to the Japanese genre icon who wants to know where to start with the King of the Monsters, or someone who is just pumped to see Godzilla vs. King Kong, this Top 10 list is for you.

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